So You Think You Can Dance Season 8: Top 16 Week Podcast

We’re happy to have a week of So You Think You Can Dance where the controversy was toned down a notch from the previous two weeks. The fanbase was upset at Miranda leaving early, but after sleeping on it we’re getting over it and are ready to move on. This week didn’t see any trainwrecks in the performances, but the quality gap between the couples is becoming more apparent to us as viewers. We discuss this week’s bottom three as well as the other performers, along with giving some speculation as to who will make the top ten and possibly surprise us later in the season.

Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction and the guest judges
1:30 – Discussion of the bottom 3 couples: Ashley/Chris, Miranda/Robert and Caitlynn/Mitchell
5:30 – Tyce routines are apparently the kiss of death
6:11 – Nigel’s senior moment
6:45 – Final thoughts on eliminations
7:45 – Ryan & Ricky
11:40 – Quality difference emerging between the couples
12:10 – Melanie & Marko
13:15 – Dee Caspary’s “Poison & Wine” routine: The Melanie/Jess partnership
14:16 – Is Jess the dark horse this season?
16:47 – Jordan & Tadd
17:13 – Sasha & Alexander
18:02 – The amazing ballroom routine by Eric Luna & Georgia Ambarian
19:24 – Wrap-up

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