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Big Brother 13: First thoughts

The season premiere of Big Brother 13 is only a few days away and we wanted to let all of our listeners/readers know that we will be adding weekly BB podcasts to our regular schedule. James and I are excited to share our thoughts, and undoubtedly frustrations, with everyone throughout the summer. I’ve successfully watched every season of BB (yes, including the first lol!) and I dragged James into the craziness starting with season 11. To give some insight into how we approach the show, my favorite past houseguests as players are Dr. Will, Dan and Danielle from BB3.

For season 13, the producers have crafted another crazy twist, this one again involving past houseguests returning. Even though it’s been done several times before, it always leads to great drama and entertainment, and this season’s focus on “dynamic duos” returning seems like more of the same. Right now the rumors are that 3 past houseguest pairs will join the 8 new houseguests, and while Dr. Will has confirmed that he and Boogie are definitely not one of the pairs, the internet rumors are currently buzzing that Jeff & Jordan and Ronnie & Michele are two likely pairs that will be re-entering the game. What do you guys think? Are there any other pairs that you would really like to see this season or any pairs that you most definitely do NOT want to see return? Here’s hoping this season’s twist doesn’t prove to be as anticlimactic as last season’s Saboteur 😉

Be on the lookout for our initial podcast coming out this weekend, during which we’ll give our first impressions of the new houseguests, this season’s crazy twist and the first HOH competition of the season. If you consider information gained from watching the live feeds that has not aired on the CBS broadcasts yet to be “spoilers” please be aware that we do read the live feed updates on JokersUpdates.com and will be including this information in our discussions.

We’re looking forward to joining the discussion on Big Brother! And for our So You Think You Can Dance fans, we are of course going to continue to post a weekly podcast about that as well.

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