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Big Brother 13 Has Begun!

A house full of people getting sprayed with chocolate and whipped cream while hanging on giant bananas. Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially summer! The houseguests new and old have moved in and Big Brother 13 has officially begun, with 3 major twists being revealed right from the start. The Big Brother Golden Key has the potential to be a major game changer and this season’s “Dynamic Duos” twist already holds more promise than last season’s poorly implemented “Saboteur.” And Dick and Dani’s decision to trust Rachel  not to nominate them may prove to be this season’s first major mistake!

Be on the lookout for our first BB13 podcast this weekend. We’ll be discussing our initial impressions on each of this season’s houseguests, as well as talking about how strategies may need to change this season. Additionally, we’ll be working in any important information gained from reading the live feed updates on Jokersupdates.com once the feed goes live. Stay tuned!

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