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So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Week 4 First Reactions

Another week, another round of So You Think You Can Dance! Here are some initial thoughts before we get the podcast up tomorrow.

On the Performances
The reaction on twitter was mixed following the performance show. There were several tweets with people saying they were underwhelmed by the overall choreography. I have to disagree with that sentiment. There were several great pieces, along with a surprise for both myself and Meghan. The only weak performances were the Ashley/Chris salsa and the Sasha/Alexander hip-hop, we really liked everything else. Clarice/Jess and Caitlynn/Mitchell both stole the show with incredible contemporary performances, showcasing the variety that the genre can bring. We were also floored by the Ryan/Ricky performance in their Jazz piece by Chuky Klapow. They, especially Ryan, did great! We were so happy to actually see her connect with the piece and get the character correct. We’ve said it before, we love being proven wrong on this show. We rarely dislike a dancer so much that we refuse to change our mind when they pull out a great performance.

The show was also a showcase for a collection of new choreographers for So You Think You Can Dance. It was exciting to see their work and we’ll be discussing them more in the upcoming podcast.

On the Elimination
The elimination choice this week was not surprising. On the podcast we’ve been saying that Ashley should probably go home for about two weeks now, as she just hasn’t been connecting well in the partner work. It’s a shame, as her audition and Vegas Week work was phenomenal and it’s difficult to pinpoint what went wrong. Chris was a foregone conclusion after his poor performance in the salsa, much like what happened with Wadi in week two. Up until this week, I was willing to give Chris the benefit of the doubt as his technique had been good, but oh boy were there serious problems in the salsa, even when we take into consideration that the choreographers made it way harder than was necessary. No one else would have made sense.

We were actually surprised to see Ryan and Ricky in the bottom instead of Alexander and Sasha, considering they did so well this time around. Perhaps it’s a backlash from the past couple weeks where the judges (especially Nigel) gave them free passes and didn’t give constructive criticism. Maybe Sasha and Alexander have built a big fanbase that I’m unaware of. Either way, it didn’t affect the results in the end. I must admit, Ryan’s journey on the show is starting to remind me a lot of Kayla from season five, where it took a long time for her to build a fan base and she had many detractors. What she does next week is crucial.

The Podcast
As always, we’re planning to have the SYTYCD podcast recorded and uploaded sometime Friday evening. I also want to mention that we’ve partnered with Pure So You Think You Can Dance, where we’re cross-posting our podcast links and summaries directly on the blog. We hope this partnership will result is getting our show out to a wider audience as well as enrich the content already featured on Pure SYTYCD. They have a great community going there, with thoughtful responses in nearly every comment thread for the performance and results show. I encourage everyone to check them out if they haven’t already!

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