Big Brother 13: Evel Dick explains his departure

Evel Dick Donato mysteriously disappeared from the Big Brother house this past Thursday before the live feeds went up. Neither the remaining houseguests or the live feed watchers had any idea where he went or what might have happened. This left a lot of watchers confused and started up the rumor mills as to where he was or what could have possibly happened to make him exit the Big Brother house voluntarily. The rumors included: he was arrested, he was diagnosed with cancer, his girlfriend or son was in the hospital, he was kicked off for violating his contract, he left to advance Daniele’s game, etc. Of course, none of them were actually the truth.

Evel Dick posted his personal statement about his early departure on his website on July 11th, 12 AM EST. Meghan and I were lucky enough to get the video loaded before the website crashed due to the high volume of traffic. Here are the major points that Dick made in the 10 minute video:

  • None of the rumors concerning his departure are true. He listed many of them in the video, including all the ones I listed above.
  • He wishes that he did not have to leave and never intended this to happen upon entering the Big Brother house.
  • His departure came about because someone close to him suddenly had a personal emergency that Dick felt he had to help out with/be present for. Dick does not go into details, citing that the matter is private.
  • How he found out: the production team was informed of the situation and opened the Diary Room door and asked Dick to enter. There was no announcement. They told Dick what happened and he immediately decided he had to go and be there for his friend.
  • He apologized to CBS, all the fans and the members of his alliance for his early departure. He hopes that in some future season he can re-enter the Big Brother house and try to be a two-time winner.

I can understand the situation. When someone you are close to falls on hard times and needs help, you help them out. Anyone who feels this explanation was a vague cop-out, understand that Dick’s friend is not a reality TV personality and it is not anyone’s business as to what happened. We have an explanation and this is likely what we’ll hear from CBS on Wednesday.

It’s a shame that Dick had to exit early, as his performance on the Thursday and Sunday episodes of Big Brother had him positioned to go far in the game. Keep in mind though, his early exit radically shifts the dynamics of the game, which provides an organic twist that the other houseguests were not expecting. It can keep the veterans from running roughshod over the newbies, which of course will make for some interesting TV. I’m very excited to see what happens on Thursday after eliminations.


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