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Big Brother 13: Season Premiere Podcast

It’s our premiere episode for our Big Brother 13 podcast!

Much like we have been doing with our So You Think You Can Dance discussions, these podcasts will come out on a weekly basis. The focus will generally be on the trio of episodes that aired during the week: the nomination episode, the power of veto episode and the eliminations/HOH episode.

In this first episode, since we only had one episode to talk about, we integrated information from the live feeds into this podcast to facilitate deeper discussion, therefore there are spoilers in this episode! If you want to avoid spoilers, do not listen to this podcast until after the Wednesday, July 13th episode airs. Future episodes will have spoiler-related information relegated to the end of the podcast, allowing everyone to immediately listen to our shows as they post.

This season’s big twist is dynamic duos! The houseguests are forced to pair together and several former Big Brother players return to try the game a second time. We discuss how this twist can affect the gameplay during the season and how it stacks up against some of the other, not so good, twists. We also give some of our initial impressions of the new houseguests, offering our opinion of who will make it far and who will go home early. We discuss the HOH competition and the poor performance of the new players, which doesn’t seem to bode well for their futures in the game. Finally, we talk about the mysterious exit of Evel Dick Donato and what this means for the rest of the season.

Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction: Our background with Big Brother, release schedule
2:53 – This season’s twist: Dynamic Duos – Returning houseguests and pairs
4:28 – Meghan can’t do math 😉
5:35 – The second twist: Golden Key
8:50 – The new houseguests: Adam/Dominic
12:10 – The new houseguests: Cassi/Shelly
13:00 – The HOH competition
14:42 – The new houseguests: Lawon/Kalia
15:43 – The new houseguests: Porsche/Keith
17:29 – Jordan is always sleeping, is it a strategy? 🙂
18:17 – Returning houseguests: general thoughts
18:44 – What happened to Evel Dick?
23:16 – How does Dick’s exit change the game dynamics?
24:31 – Wrap-up

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