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Big Brother 13 – Week 1: Nominations, Veto and Eliminations Podcast

This podcast covers the events of the first week of episodes aired for Big Brother, including the nominations episode, the veto episode and the live eviction episode. Unlike our previous Big Brother 13 podcast, this time all spoilers are relegated to the very end and there is a warning as to when they will start. There are no spoilers given in the summary below.

It wouldn’t be a new season of Big Brother if we weren’t treated to a player that tries way too hard, fails miserably and is evicted first. Keith demonstrated himself to be one of the worst new players in recent memory, playing the game in a way that made absolutely no sense. Equally ridiculous was The Regulator alliance, which simply looked to be an attempt to recapture the luck of The Brigade from Big Brother 12. Differences in the house dynamic saw to it that The Regulators went nowhere and will only be remembered for what could be the worst alliance name ever. The competitions continued to not disappoint by providing plenty of inappropriate footage and bizarre Diary Room confessions. Evel Dick’s departure changed the game in many ways, both in the power structure of the veteran alliance and securing Daniele a very good spot to go far in the Big Brother game. The elimination episode featured a surprising decision by Shelly and Kalia to evict Keith and we discuss what this may mean for future alliances. The rest of the podcast is dedicated to discussion of some post-elimination spoilers, which you can safely skip if you wish to avoid them.

At the end of the podcast, we briefly mention what has come to be known as “Dumbledore-gate.” It is in reference to a heated conversation that occurred between Jeff and Kalia. For those curious as to the incident, we simply point you to this article and video posted at Reality Blurred. If you are curious as to our thoughts on the subject, we encourage you to read Ragan Fox’s well-written reaction. We are in agreement with his sentiments.

Episode Length: 29:57

Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction: This podcast is brought to you by spacecows 😉
0:31 – Keith is one of the worst players Big Brother players ever
5:00 – The Regulator alliance are just Brigade wanna-bes
7:08 – Another week, another set of crazy competitions and Diary Room confessionals (space cows)
10:44 – How Evel Dick’s departure affects the game and the veteran alliance.
12:55 – Daniele’s position in the game and Julie Chen’s awkward question
18:35 – Brendon’s a tool (Bookie and demasculination)
21:02 – Which returning couple is better to eliminate first: Brendon/Rachel or Jeff/Jordan
22:36 – Kalia and Shelly voting with the veteran alliance
24:41 – Spoiler discussion (avoid this part if you don’t want to hear spoilers!)
28:16 – Wrap-up: Dumbledore-gate and final thoughts

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