An Exciting Wednesday and Thursday Night of Television

We were treated to an exciting couple days of television with So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother, both containing a lot of things we can’t wait to podcast about! I’m excited to sit down and record our shows this weekend, I think we’ll get some good stuff together for both shows.

Big Brother finally started to pay off this week, with the beginning of a Jeff and Jordan feud with Brendon and Rachel. Rachel’s behavior and logic were hilarious this week, as was her crying in the bushes and complete meltdown once Cassi called her out. She’s won the Head of Household again, which is annoying but we’ll all still watch because there’s going to be a train wreck somewhere in all this. Just one time Big Brother, let Rachel lose control, put up Jeff and Jordan and let the drama commence!

So You Think You Can Dance also delivered this week by pairing the Top 10 dancers with returning all-stars. There were some excellent routines this week, in particular the hip-hop piece with Twitch and Sasha and the Pasha ballroom pieces with both Caitlynn and Melanie. The Tyce kiss-of-death reared its ugly head again this week, landing both Mitchell and Ricky in the bottom 4. That’s something we’re definitely going to address on the podcast.

We’re hoping to record the SYTYCD podcast Friday evening and have it posted no later than Saturday afternoon. The Big Brother podcast will likely be posted Sunday afternoon, a few hours before the Sunday show begins.

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