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Big Brother 13 – Week 2: Nominations, Veto and Eliminations Podcast

This podcast covers the events of the second week of episodes aired for Big Brother, including the nominations episode, the veto episode and the live eviction episode. A small post-eviction discussion takes place near the end of the podcast with a warning given for the spoiler-averse.


It’s only week 2 inside the Big Brother house and already alliances are crumbling and the backstabbing has begun. After dominating the house during week 1, the veterans alliance (Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordan and Dani) retained control, with Jordan winning HOH. However, when Jordan nominated the duo of Adam/Dominic for eviction, against the protests of Rachel/Brendon and Dani, this seemingly insurmountable alliance began showing some early cracks. Rachel and Brendon schemed to veto Jordan’s nominations, forcing her to nominate Cassi/Shelley, but ultimately were able to keep their hands clean as Dominic won the POV and removed himself and his partner from the chopping-block. Additionally, Rachel continued to remind everyone why she went home so early last season, throwing a hissy fit during the POV competition, and Jeff began seriously considering the idea of putting Rachel and Brendon up as replacement nominees. Ultimately, however, Rachel got her way and Cassi was evicted.

Elsewhere in the veteran’s alliance, Dani made good use of her position as a Golden Key holder, using her relationship with Dominic to further her social and strategic game. But how long can she keep this up? The remaining houseguests, Kalia/Lawon, and Golden-Key holder Porsche laid low this week, which could be brilliant strategy or could make them easy targets for future eliminations. We also examine the brilliantly designed competitions this week đŸ˜‰ and production’s major mistake (and we’re not talking about Rachel’s ill-timed bathroom break!).

Episode Length: 27:24

Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction: Recap of the previous week’s events
1:12 – Have/Have Not and Veto Competitions
4:48 – Rachel’s shenanigans during and after the Veto comp and why Jordan should have put them on the block
9:23 – Is Porsche still part of this show?
10:51 – Cassi’s eviction
12:52 – HOH competition
15:14 – Brendon/Rachel vs Jeff/Jordan
16:26 – The confrontation between Rachel and Cassi
18:24 – The alliance and showmance between Daniele and Dominic
20:28 – Kalia and Lawon are this season’s floaters (get a life-vest!)
21:43 – Big Brother production is crappy: The Keith resurrection
23:33 – Spoiler discussion
26:53 – Wrap-up

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