Big Brother Update

It has been quite an eventful two weeks inside the Big Brother house! Brenchel was split up, a “newbie” finally won HOH, the houseguests learned that the next evictee will have a chance to re-enter the house and unbeknown to them, America’s Vote gave us the opportunity to vote for Keith, Cassi, Dominic or Brendon to compete against the latest evicted houseguest and earn their way back into the game. So where is our podcast on all of this activity? Unfortunately, it has been quite a busy week inside the Meghan and James house as well, but rest assured that we will be back with a podcast this weekend, covering everything from Brendon’s veto win to the results of the latest twist and HOH competition.

So who did your votes go to? We voted for Dominic, believing that he will do the most to shake things up by returning, and will add numbers to Dani’s side, which will surely make for some interesting game dynamics depending on who wins HOH this upcoming week. While the thought of seeing Dani’s reactions to Brendon walking back through the door would be priceless, we’re not sure we could stand to watch Rachel’s reaction. As for who America’s Vote will be battling against, we’re curious to see how Lawon will hold up, since he stands a very strong chance of going home this week. Looking back on past seasons, I seem to remember another houseguest who volunteered to go up because he was 100% sure he was safe….

The houseguests, Lawon particularly, seem fairly certain that the evicted houseguest will immediately turn around and come right back in. Not sure why they think the twist would be so simple, but  it will certainly be interesting to see how things play out tomorrow night!

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