TV Week in Review Podcast: 9/18/11 through 9/24/11

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It was an exciting week of premieres, both old and new! In this week’s podcast we discuss following shows:

The Playboy Club– A new series from NBC that offered a very polarizing first episode that we aren’t quite sold on yet
Person of Interest– A new series from CBS and our favorite new show of the fall season
How I Met Your Mother– We got to see more of Barney’s wedding day, but still no sign of who the bride will be
Glee– The show returns to its Season 1 roots and has solid, well-placed musical numbers
The Office– The new boss is revealed and the show attempts to move forward without Michael Scott and we attempt to reconcile the changes that the show has undergone since Season 4
The Big Bang Theory– A quick resolution to a “shocking” cliffhanger
The Mentalist– A legitimately shocking cliffhanger gets a legitimately ridiculous resolution
Fringe– Everything is reset and we have no idea what is going on

We have a few more premieres coming up next week, including The Amazing Race, Pan Am, Boardwalk Empire and Suburgatory. Let us know what you thought by leaving us a comment!

Episode Length: 31:38

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:34 – The Playboy Club
3:45 – Person of Interest
8:53 – How I Met Your Mother
10:23 – Glee
13:17 – The Office
20:15 – The Big Bang Theory
22:09 – The Mentalist
23:51 – Fringe
30:33 – Wrap-Up

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