TV Week in Review Podcast: 9/25/11 through 10/1/11

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With the first day of the week bringing with it even more premieres, we had another busy week of Fall TV! This week we talk about more new shows as well as offering our thoughts on some established shows’ second episodes of the new season:

The Amazing Race– The season premiere of the show’s 19th season offers up some supposedly game-changing twists right away, but confusing clues and lost passports proved to be the teams’ real challenges
Pan Am– A new series from ABC with a big budget pilot that succeeded in offering intriguing characters, a solid cast and good writing (aka everything The Playboy Club lacks)
Boardwalk Empire– The season premiere introduces increasing race tensions within the Southern Jersey community and highlights the dangerous and deceptive political climate surrounding Nucky
Suburgatory– A new series from ABC with a ridiculous premise, but that made great use of the “fish out of water” to present audiences with one increasingly uncomfortable situation after another
The Real World– The 26th season of MTV’s original reality show about annoying 20-somethings living in a house together returns to San Diego and brings with it volatile cast members and Meghan attempts to justify why she didn’t give up on the show years ago
Glee– Auditions for the musical and the return of Quinn & Puck’s baby make for genuinely interesting story arcs and the musical numbers have a purpose again
The Office– James questions whether the cold open was really that far-fetched and we speculate on Andy’s transformation into Regional Manager
The Big Bang Theory– A largely Sheldon-free episode allowed the under-used Amy Farrah Fowler to establish herself as a strong stand-alone member of the ensemble and Meghan does her best impression of Howard’s mother
Fringe– A stand-alone episode that introduced some interesting questions about the nature of the “truce” between the two  universes and what Peter’s “erasing” means for how this came to be in the new timeline

Episode Length: 38:33

Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction
1:39 – The Amazing Race
9:12 – Pan Am
11:53 – Boardwalk Empire
18:29 – Suburgatory
21:28 – The Real World
25:47 – Glee
27:51 – The Office
31:16 – The Big Bang Theory
33:31 – Fringe
37:10 – Wrap-Up

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