TV Week in Review Podcast: 10/2/11 through 10/15/11

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After a several week hiatus, we’re back! We go through the back-burner and discuss the shows that aired over the past couple of weeks. We promise to stay on schedule in the future (okay, maybe not, but we’re going to try)!

The Playboy Club – We discuss why The Playboy Club was just so terrible.
The Amazing Race – A controversial sign led to a shocking double elimination and we debate whether the race has become too predictable or intentionally vague.
Dexter – The intriguing premiere introduced religion into Dexter’s world in the form of a friend (Brother Sam) and a foe (Travis and Professor Geller). We speculate on whether or not the Professor Geller character is real or akin to Harry, a manifestation of  the consciousness of Travis.
Suburgatory – Barbecue story line proves the show is finding its voice and embracing its awkward/absurdist humor.
The Real World – “We were besties!!!’
The Office
 – Slowly finding a voice for the new Nard-dog era, “Garden Party” brings us the best prank in several seasons and James reveals what he felt was the funniest moment in the past two episodes.
Person of Interest – Reese begins to get emotionally involved in his cases and we debate on how this will affect their mission going forward as well as potential overlapping cases in the future.
Fringe – Meghan draws the line at killer brain-moss, Walter attempts to give himself a lobotomy, we get more insight into changes in the alternate timeline… oh and Peter’s back.

Episode Length: 44:29

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:50 – The Playboy Club
4:09 – The Amazing Race
13:33 – Dexter
27:23 – Suburgatory
29:52 – Our favorite line from The Real World
30:29 – The Office
34:21 – Person of Interest
38:24 – Fringe
43:37 – Wrap-up

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