TV Week in Review Podcast: 10/16/11 through 10/22/11

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We’re close to getting back on schedule with our TV Week in Review podcasts! This episode is shorter than normal with us only discussing a handful of shows.

Dexter – The Ice Truck Killer case reappears, the motives of Travis and Professor Geller remain unclear and Dexter learns a lesson from the Tooth Fairy.
America’s Next Top Model – We discuss just exactly what type of season Tyra is attempting to produce and how successful the All-Stars are at living up to their titles.
The Real World – Frank can’t seem to confront the real source of his anger issues, we explain our dislike of Zach and Nate is DEFINITELY not gay.
The Mentalist – The Ice Truck Killer from Dexter and Scott Farkas from A Christmas Story make an appearance!
South Park – James proves what a dork he is by pointing out the source of the parodied songs in the “Bass to Mouth” episode.

Episode Length: 26:23

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Dexter
12:04 – America’s Next Top Model
15:48 – The Real World
22:16 – James mentions his favorite Easter eggs from The Mentalist and South Park
25:01 –  Wrap-up

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