TV Week in Review Podcast: 10/23/11 through 10/29/11

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:58 – The Amazing RaceBig Bang Theory & The Office
5:00 – Once Upon A Time
10:00 – The Real World
15:37 – South Park
19:31 – Dexter
26:28 – Dexter: Spoiler Alert!
30:38 – Wrap-up

Episode Length: 31:19

It’s a little delayed, but our TV Week in Review for last week is finally ready for download. Now that we’re all nice and caught up, these should start coming out on time again.

The Amazing Race: We briefly discuss the sudden implosion of the Father/Son team
Big Bang Theory: Another previous cast member of Dexter makes an appearance on CBS!
The Office: Jim and Pam’s ghost debate seems way too familiar to us
Once Upon A Time: Meghan and James share a rare difference of opinion regarding the quality of ABC’s latest new series, with Meghan viewing it as an engaging and promising premise and James finding it difficult to get past the complete fantasy of the fairy tale world. We also point out some of the writers’ heavy handed Lost Easter Eggs.
The Real World: Our dislike of Zach is solidified in his confrontation with Sam and we debate whether Zach’s “don’t ask don’t tell” attitude is truly harmless. Did we mention we don’t like Zach?
South Park: Randy + Stephen Sondheim + Bro Down= Amazing
Dexter: We continue to discuss the theory that Professor Gellar is a hallucination in Travis’ mind and note the accelerated pacing of Dexter tracking down and killing this season’s “Big Bad.” The Ice Truck Killer case is getting lots of references which we think is the writer’s cue that something from that case is going to play a very important role later in the season. Finally, we wrap up our discussion by considering some pseudo-spoilers. Source 1 and Source 2 for the Dexter spoilers we discuss. Do not look at them if you want to remain spoiler free!

Let us know what you think after listening to the podcast! Leave us a comment here, on Pure TV Network or tweet us. We love feedback and will respond either with a comment or in our next published show.

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