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Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction: Steve Jones, no backing tracks and high quality performances
2:56 – Bottom Two: The Stereo Hogzz (eliminated), Lakoda Rayne and Paula Abdul’s breakdown
7:22 – Astro
10:01 – Leroy Bell
11:20 – Josh Krajcik
13:11 – Rachel Crow
14:58 – The rest: Stacy Francis, Marcus Canty, Drew, Melanie Amaro and Chris Rene
23:31 – Wrap-up

Episode Length: 24:32

We fell behind on our publishing schedule with The X-Factor, as you can see. This is for the Top 11 week of performances (the one where The Stereo Hogzz were eliminated). As viewers of The X-Factor know, the Top 10 week provided lots of drama involving Astro and we’ll get to that as soon as we can.

This proved to be a high quality week for The X-Factor with many of the contestants putting forth their best performances since the beginning of the live shows. We really enjoyed Astro’s version of “Lose Yourself,” which showcased a lyrical talent way beyond his years. Leroy Bell and Josh Krajcik were also standouts for us, both choosing songs that suit their respective voices which resulted in performances that felt like excerpts from a concert for each contestant. Rachel Crow took a step back from the material Simon has been giving her, which we haven’t been fans of, and sang “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Although we’re still of the belief that we’d like her to wait a couple more years until her voice develops more fully, this number showcased a depth in her vocals that hasn’t been present since her boot camp rendition of “If I Were A Boy.”

The bottom two was predictable with the two remaining groups, The Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne, ending up there. Neither group had a good night, although Lakoda Rayne’s awful harmonies in both their Wednesday performance and Thursday “sing for your life” song grated our ears and made us want to fast forward our DVR. The Stereo Hogzz, now backing track free, displayed better blending but were having a bit of an identity crisis as each week they adopted a different visual style and genre of music. We would have kept The Stereo Hogzz simply for their more coherent singing, as Lakoda Rayne has progressively gotten worse with each passing week. But in the end it’s not a big deal for us as we aren’t attached to the groups category.

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