Holiday Season Podcast Schedule

December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays from our pet hamster, Sirius!

Our listeners and readers have likely noticed the complete lack of updates on the site. We just posted our podcast covering top 10 week for The X-Factor, which we recorded before the top 9 episode aired, but never got around to finishing, editing and publishing it until today. Such is the nature of a hobby you do for fun, when life gets busy you need to choose what’s important and what to set aside for a while. As much as we love to discuss and share our thoughts, this is one of those things that will, here and there, go on unplanned hiatuses.

In the interest of keeping our readers/listeners informed of what our plans are for the website during the holiday season, we want to let you know that because of our schedules, we cannot promise a regular schedule for podcasts in the immediate future. Trust us, we want to talk about all that’s happened on The X-Factor and on shows like Dexter and Fringe, but we’re trying to be realistic as well.

We’re hoping to record a short (by that, we mean 10-15 minutes long) podcast with brief thoughts about top 9 and top 7 week of The X-Factor. Listeners can guess that we’re bummed that two of our favorites, LeRoy Bell and Astro, were eliminated from the competition. At this point, we’re rooting for Josh Krajcik or Melanie Amaro to win the whole thing. When we get a chance, we’ll get this podcast together and get it out to you.

For the TV Week in Review segments, these may show up in the form of written posts, to help alleviate the need for editing. I suspect conversations about Dexter will still be recorded, but thoughts on other shows, such as Once Upon A Time, may show up in written word. If we had to prioritize, The X-Factor posts come first, so there may be future weeks where there isn’t a discussion about other shows.

We thank our readers/listeners for understanding! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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