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Fall 2011 TV Wrap-Up Podcast: X-Factor, Dexter & just a helping of Boardwalk Empire

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – X-Factor
15:13 – Dexter
29:43 – Boardwalk Empire
31:35 – Wrap-up

Episode Length: 33:45


After several weeks, we’re finally back! The holidays may have halted our posting and podcasting, but never fear! After taking a few weeks, we’re back and ready to tackle the new season of television with added enthusiasm. But before we jump in to discussing returning favorites and mid-season premieres, we flashback to the last few weeks of 2011 and close up some thoughts on the finales of two of the major shows we followed during the Fall TV season.

Melanie Amaro’s much deserved win was no surprise to us, or to most viewers, but the underwhelming finale of one of the most over-the-top singing competitions on TV was certainly a disappointment. We wonder if having each of the three finalists (Melanie, Josh & Chris) sing their audition songs again was a wise decision, as we both agree only Melanie was able to top her original performance of the song. The duets, while in theory a good idea, did not play out well at all. Melanie and R. Kelly gave the only performance that came close to sounding like a true duet, while Josh was seemingly so overcome with awe at singing with Alanis Morissette that he allowed her to completely overshadow him. We feel Chris Rene faired the worst of the three, both in terms of the actual performance and his partner (Avril Lavigne) who seemed like a completely random pick, not fitting his vocal styling at all.

The actual Finale episode also disappointed, using its 2-hours not to showcase eliminated contestants, but rather to feature guest artist after guest artist. Even early fan favorites such as Drew, Astro and Marcus Canty were only given a couple lines to sing (poor Drew only got to sing two words with idol Justin Bieber!) and Rachel Crow’s only solo appearance was performing hosting schtick with Steve Jones.

We close out our thoughts on X-Factor by exploring some of the many aspects of the show that could and should be improved upon for next season. Getting rid of Nicole as a judge/mentor, scaling back on the production numbers and visuals and finding ways to market contestants to different genres top our list. Additionally, we debate how the caliber of the judging panel could be improved, as what during the audition rounds showed promise of being a more professional and helpful panel of “experts,” led by LA Reid and Simon, quickly devolved into either a bickering or overpraising mess once the live shows began. While we both enjoyed the US X-Factor‘s first season more than recent seasons of American Idol and feel that some true talent was found by having a show that allowed both old and young contestants (Astro, Drew, Leroy Bell, Josh), we’re looking forward to having a break from such involved competition programs for a while.

Note: In the podcast we mention that Josh Krajcik, among others, was signed to a record deal after the show ended. This isn’t entirely true. Josh has been given several offers and is considering his options.

Our coverage of this past season of Dexter has taken a very long break, our last podcast ending with the episode prior to Brian Moser’s return. With so many episodes, we take a quick look at some of the second half of the season’s most important moments, including examining the impact of Brian’s temporary replacement of Harry as Dexter’s “conscience” and question whether his return will have any lasting impact on Dexter the character and Dexter the show. We also discuss the Doomsday Killers as the “big bads” for the season, including the shocking (not really) twist involving Travis and Prof. Gellar, Deb & Dexter’s relationship, particularly the season finale’s shocking final moments and spend a few minutes exploring the possibilities the show could be setting up with “Intern Guy.” We close out by addressing some of the criticisms this season has received and plead our case for Season 6 as a whole.

We close out the podcast with Meghan saying a few words about the second season of Boardwalk Empire, particularly the show’s gutsy decision to kill off a major player. Be on the lookout on the blog page and on our Twitter account for future posts exploring the past seasons of both Boardwalk Empire and Dexter as there is plenty more to discuss that we did not have time to include in our podcast.

Let us know what you think after listening to the podcast! Leave us a comment here or tweet us. We love feedback and will respond either with a comment or in our next published show.

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