TV in Review Podcast – Episode 1

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction
3:27 – Alcatraz
11:38 – Fringe
15:44 – Person of Interest
22:03 – Once Upon A Time
27:03 – The Big Bang Theory
31:21 – Wrap-up

Episode Length: 32:23


We jump into the 2012 mid-season with a new format for TV Week in Review podcasts and our thoughts on the letdown that was this year’s much hyped Ricky Gervais hosted Golden Globes. Check out the teasers below for a taste of what we discuss!

Alcatraz– Our first new series of 2012 started off with a 2-hour premiere episode. We discuss the inevitable comparison to that other JJ Abrams produced series surrounding a mysterious island, offer our initial impressions of the main characters and give our verdict on how much potential the series appears to have moving forward. Oh, and we give our thoughts on Emerson’s apparent prisoner collecting hobby.

Fringe– We learn new information on the new shape shifters and discuss the subtle ways the writers have been working in the differences between the two timelines.

Person of Interest- Carter’s role in the series is finally picking up, we get a homage to Rear Window and we give discuss the blurring line between Finch and the machine.

Once Upon A Time– Meghan belatedly laments the loss of Sheriff Graham, we finally learn about Rumpelstiltskin’s back story and we discuss what the presence of the “stranger” may mean.

The Big Bang Theory– James is confused by the 100th episode fake-out, Meghan announces her favorite moment of the series and we have a bone to pick with the writers (hint: It involves Sheldon and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers).

Let us know what you think after listening to the podcast! Leave us a comment here or tweet us. We love feedback and will respond either with a comment or in our next published show.

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