About Reflections on Pop Entertainment

Reflections on Pop Entertainment is a podcast that provides commentary and analysis of popular entertainment as found in visual mediums, particularly television and film. We, the co-hosts of the show, aim to post a minimum of one episode a week, with the link to the podcast and space for comments provided on this blog. We encourage listeners to join in on the conversation by leaving us comments or by tweeting us @ReflPopEnt. Constructive thoughts will help us deliver better shows and provide us with more things to discuss!

Our weekly shows include an episode focused around a single television program, either reality competition or scripted drama, as well as an entertainment week in review episode focusing on a variety of television programs.

This past summer we produced a series of podcasts covering FOX network’s reality competition So You Think You Can Dance. We partnered with Pure So You Think You Can Dance to increase distribution of the show and found some success. The way the podcast developed during the course of this show helped us find our voice and determined how future topics would be handled by us.

Currently (Fall 2011) we have two podcast segments, one dedicated to FOX’s The X-Factor and also a general TV Week in Review where we discuss several shows that aired during the week. Like with the So You Think You Can Dance podcast, we are partnered with Pure X-Factor and Pure TV Network to deliver these podcasts to a wider audience.

Although we’ve yet to produce a podcast in this vein, we intend to record special episodes covering movies and live theatre productions. It’s likely we’ll find time to record shows like this during the Winter 2012 television season as the TV Week in Review will be the only segment that we’ll produce during that time.

Occasional blog posts may appear from time to time if the urge strikes either one of us. In addition, we’re developing a Facebook page to act as another hub for our activity and James is looking into producing video reviews of music albums as a new segment for the website. Our long-term goal is to act as curators and reviewers that provide intelligent analysis of all forms of popular entertainment.

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