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The Olympics are over and SYTYCD is back! And so are we :-)

Newly married and honeymooned out, we’re set to return to podcasting this week! So You Think You Can Dance took a two week break due to the Olympics being on. The Olympics were a lot of fun to watch, including seeing Michael Phelps set the historic record of being “the most decorated Olympian” and winning his third gold medal in a row in the 100 meter butterfly and 200 meter individual medley. We also will not forget the impressive runs and gold medal wins by Usain Bolt, who is now officially, in his own words, a “legend.” Many other events, including the American women’s gymnastics team win (that vault by McKayla Maroney, just wow! We ARE impressed!), the showdown in the Men’s platform diving between David Boudia, Tom Daley, and Qui Bo, and the American women’s 4×100 team relay world record run captivated us. It was an entertaining and inspiring seventeen days of competition!

So You Think You Can Dance returns this week and we had the chance to (finally!) catch up on the Top 16 episode we missed while we were away. Because we’re so close to the airing of the Top 14 episode, we’re not going to record a podcast covering the Top 16 show. In our Top 14 podcast, we will talk briefly about what we thought about the previous episode, including the somewhat shocking bottom 3 boys and girls. We are also curious, but feeling somewhat apprehensive, at the news that the Top 14 week will be dedicated to recreating several Mia Michaels routines. In particular, we wonder how pieces such as “Addiction” and “The Bench” routine will fare with different dancers in them. We’ll certainly have plenty to talk about in our next podcast!

Since our schedules have cleared up, we should have the next SYTYCD podcast out by the end of the week. We look forward to putting it together, and thanks to everyone that’s stuck with us through our haphazard release schedule!


Facebook Page for Reflections on Pop Entertainment!

Hey all!

We wanted to let our readers and listeners know that we’ve made a Facebook page for Reflections on Pop Entertainment. We’re excited to start making use of it and expand what we do with the blog. Liking the page is a great way to stay updated with us and is ideal for leaving comments for us to read and respond to. Additionally, we’ve started posting links to recent articles and giving some brief thoughts on what we think about what they say. So check us out, like the page and thanks for your support!

Link to Facebook page:

Holiday Season Podcast Schedule

Happy Holidays from our pet hamster, Sirius!

Our listeners and readers have likely noticed the complete lack of updates on the site. We just posted our podcast covering top 10 week for The X-Factor, which we recorded before the top 9 episode aired, but never got around to finishing, editing and publishing it until today. Such is the nature of a hobby you do for fun, when life gets busy you need to choose what’s important and what to set aside for a while. As much as we love to discuss and share our thoughts, this is one of those things that will, here and there, go on unplanned hiatuses.

In the interest of keeping our readers/listeners informed of what our plans are for the website during the holiday season, we want to let you know that because of our schedules, we cannot promise a regular schedule for podcasts in the immediate future. Trust us, we want to talk about all that’s happened on The X-Factor and on shows like Dexter and Fringe, but we’re trying to be realistic as well.

We’re hoping to record a short (by that, we mean 10-15 minutes long) podcast with brief thoughts about top 9 and top 7 week of The X-Factor. Listeners can guess that we’re bummed that two of our favorites, LeRoy Bell and Astro, were eliminated from the competition. At this point, we’re rooting for Josh Krajcik or Melanie Amaro to win the whole thing. When we get a chance, we’ll get this podcast together and get it out to you.

For the TV Week in Review segments, these may show up in the form of written posts, to help alleviate the need for editing. I suspect conversations about Dexter will still be recorded, but thoughts on other shows, such as Once Upon A Time, may show up in written word. If we had to prioritize, The X-Factor posts come first, so there may be future weeks where there isn’t a discussion about other shows.

We thank our readers/listeners for understanding! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Where have we been and where are the podcasts?

September 8, 2011 1 comment

If you’ve been visiting this blog for the past three and a half weeks or happened upon it in your internet searching and wondered what happened to the updates and new podcast episodes, then this post is for you. If you’re looking for what happened to Evel Dick in Big Brother 13 or a picture of the So You Think You Can Dance logo, the two most visited and searched items on this blog, then please click on the respective links. If you’re not here for those two items, then read on to find out why Meghan and I went absent the past several weeks.

We should have informed everyone that we were going on a trip home to visit friends and family and do all sorts of fun things. That’s what we were up to from August 17th until the 29th. Of course, we wanted to pretend like we didn’t go anywhere. For this time period we formed this brilliant plan. Right before leaving we’d recover from our lapse in Big Brother podcasts and get a catch-up episode published. Then I’d write a post or two while at home during my free time. Nobody would suspect a thing. Following a lovely vacation, we would be re-energized and recharged, ready to tackle a new set of podcasts. With a roadmap like this, nothing would go wrong.

Before I even left the apartment, the days prior to August 17th saw a setback in my physics research. This required my sudden, undivided attention. It sucked up the little free time I set aside for recording a podcast with Meghan before leaving for home. So it goes. Because the pre-vacation podcast was a no-go, we decided that I would record a solo podcast while I was at home. Why a solo podcast instead of our usual dual hosting? Meghan was going to be in Disney World with her mother most of the trip and I was going to be at my parents’s house. I would have all sorts of free time. I duly recorded a solo podcast. After that all that’s left is editing right? That’s simple!

Meanwhile somewhere in the Caribbean, a little thing called hurricane Irene formed, threatening the east coast beginning with Florida, which was where Meghan was at the time. Many stressful phone calls followed. I put aside the podcast. In the end, Meghan and her mother cut their trip to Disney World short and rescheduled their flight to an earlier time. Hurricane Irene didn’t end up hitting Florida hard, but it was on a warpath towards the New Jersey area, the location of the airport that would fly us home. Our flight was rescheduled from Sunday, which was when the hurricane hit, to Monday. This gave us an extra day, perfect for editing a podcast! The power went out that day. Shelved again.

After braving hurricane Irene and getting on a plane ride home, I had one final surprise waiting for me at the airport parking lot. It was the last thing I needed to have happen and the picture to the right shows what I had waiting for me. You see, unknown to me until two days before returning home was the freak hail storm that passed through the airport and the surrounding area. We’re not talking pea or pebble size hail. This was once-in-a-lifetime stuff, hail the size of baseballs and softballs falling from the sky and laying ruin to anything and everything in its path. I never believed such hail was possible and considered descriptions of ice balls the size of grapefruits to be exaggerations. One look at my car convinced me of the truth. Nature can be brutal. My car was one of the unfortunate ones that suffered heavy damage during the storm. At the bottom of this post you can see three other pictures detailing the state I found the car in when I returned home.

I’ve spent the last week on the phone with the many departments of my insurance company and with a body shop. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience. This is my first time dealing with an insurance claim, so I didn’t know what the procedure would be. Of course, at no point was I given a picture of what to expect, but I learned that insurance claims require talking to several departments that don’t communicate with each other. After a week of phone tag and general feelings of despair, a member of the insurance company’s catastrophe department tells me the car is being totaled out. It’s been a hell of a week and adding in the appearance of hurricane Irene along with my explosion of work right before I traveled home with Meghan, I think you can see why updates to this blog ceased and the podcast went on an unannounced break.

To be honest I wasn’t satisfied with my solo Big Brother podcast, so it’s not a loss that it never was edited and published. It was boring and awkward, personal touches that Meghan’s presence suppresses. That does leave us with the question of what is going to happen with the Big Brother podcasts for Reflections on Pop Entertainment since the show is almost over. As far as the podcast goes, we’ve decided to hang up the towel on this one. At this stage in the show, we won’t have much to contribute to the dialogue. If anyone was looking forward to listening to us discuss the recent events in Big Brother, we apologize. All my joking aside, I am sorry that we weren’t able to keep up with the show. But as you can see, life happens and other things take priority. For those wanting anything Big Brother related, Meghan wants to write a couple posts about this season, so keep a lookout for those.

With the fall lineup we’re getting ourselves ready to record again. As we mentioned in recent podcasts, we’re going to do a weekly episode covering The X-Factor. The previews promise lots of drama and ridiculousness, as well as some genuine talent. And it’ll allow for some self-indulgence, as I get a platform to make snarky comments about people that I don’t think can sing well, but are being heralded as the next big pop star. I’m looking forward to it.

Another fixture will be a week-in-review podcast. We watch a lot of shows during the fall and spring television seasons and we want to discuss anything interesting. Although we haven’t done one of these yet, we’re planning for these episodes to be informal and unstructured. The shows we discuss will vary from week to week, based on what we find interesting. We’re excited to see where this format goes for us.

That brings us to the present. I’ll leave you with this graphic, which gives a summary of all the new shows premiering this fall. Maybe it’ll help you find something new to watch in the coming weeks. At least it will make you laugh.

Other pictures of my totaled car. Thanks a lot hail.