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So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 – Top 10 Week Podcast

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Time Stamps
0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – General thoughts about the bottom 4 and voting
4:12 – Bottom 2 Girls routines: Audrey & Witney
7:35 – Bottom 2 Guys routines: George & Chehon
10:57 – Other routines: Tiffany, Cole, Lindsay, Will, Cyrus, and Eliana
22:45 – Wrap-up

Episode Length: 23:42

As we move into the final set of live shows, the voting for this season continues to confuse us as Witney once again ended up in the bottom 2 girls. In particular, we’re unable to understand why she is not connecting with the audience (we think she’s fantastic!), but Tiffany, who’s been off the radar for us and seems to be an easy choice to send home, continues to avoid the bottom. We discuss the possible reasons for this, as well as what may have caused Audrey, George, and Chehon to also land in the bottom 4. Beyond the eliminations, we were extremely excited to see the return of all-star Jakob Karr, our favorite dancer to ever be on the show. We also discuss Cyrus and the way choreographers have been handling him this season, which brings up the question we asked at the end of season 8: should the show aim to choreograph/judge the dancers according to a universal standard, or should each dancer be considered individually according to his/her skill level? We should also mention that we loved the Eliana/Alex routine by Stacey Tookey, which demonstrated that with a proper partner Eliana is capable of amazing things!

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So You Think You Can Dance Season 8: Top 20 Week, Take Two Eliminations Podcast

We talk about the double elimination from Thursday night and the impact it has on the competition with a focus on the judges’ rationale for who they kept. We look at the general reactions from fans and SYTYCD alumni from Twitter and various blogs and evaluate the bottom 3 couples in detail. We believe the judges failed on two counts:
1) Not eliminating two people the first week.
2) Their elimination choices don’t match up with what they said they were looking for in the E! Online article.

Since this show was completely dedicated to the elimination results, we did not get around to discussing any of the actual routines from Wednesday. Our next podcast, which should be up in a couple days, will be a more positive one where we discuss the actual performances. In particular, we were quite happy that Mitchell performed so well and justified his staying in the competition!

Time Stamps
0:30 – Recap of events leading up to the double elimination
1:52 – General fan reaction (via Twitter) to double elimination
2:57 – Reactions from SYTYCD alumni – Travis Wall and Jakob Karr
3:54 – Quotes from Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy regarding their decision
5:50 – Evaluation of this week’s bottom 3 guys
10:24 – Evaluation of this week’s bottom 3 girls
15:58 – Our frustrations with Ryan Ramirez’s performances on SYTYCD
22:18 – Do Nigel’s justifications in the E! Online article hold? How did all this affect the dynamics of the competition? Our conclusions and wrap-up.

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