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The Olympics are over and SYTYCD is back! And so are we :-)

Newly married and honeymooned out, we’re set to return to podcasting this week!¬†So You Think You Can Dance took a two week break due to the Olympics being on. The Olympics were a lot of fun to watch, including seeing Michael Phelps set the historic record of being “the most decorated Olympian” and winning his third gold medal in a row in the 100 meter butterfly and 200 meter individual medley. We also will not forget the impressive runs and gold medal wins by Usain Bolt, who is now¬†officially, in his own words, a “legend.” Many other events, including the American women’s gymnastics team win (that vault by McKayla Maroney, just wow! We ARE impressed!), the showdown in the Men’s platform diving between David Boudia, Tom Daley, and Qui Bo, and the American women’s 4×100 team relay world record run captivated us. It was an entertaining and inspiring seventeen days of competition!

So You Think You Can Dance returns this week and we had the chance to (finally!) catch up on the Top 16 episode we missed while we were away. Because we’re so close to the airing of the Top 14 episode, we’re not going to record a podcast covering the Top 16 show. In our Top 14 podcast, we will talk briefly about what we thought about the previous episode, including the somewhat shocking bottom 3 boys and girls. We are also curious, but feeling somewhat apprehensive, at the news that the Top 14 week will be dedicated to recreating several Mia Michaels routines. In particular, we wonder how pieces such as “Addiction” and “The Bench” routine will fare with different dancers in them. We’ll certainly have plenty to talk about in our next podcast!

Since our schedules have cleared up, we should have the next SYTYCD podcast out by the end of the week. We look forward to putting it together, and thanks to everyone that’s stuck with us through our haphazard release schedule!